Professional Guide on How to Properly Format an Essay

Writing the best essay entails a lot. This means that as a student, you must plan your time adequately to ensure everything falls in place within the required time. For instance, you need to select a topic, develop a thesis statement, do research to generate points, write an outline, and write the final paper, which also entails a lot. If you aren’t careful, you will realize the time you have is quite limited if you fail to organize yourself. One of the crucial elements in essay writing is the format. There is a general essay formatting guide each student must follow to ensure they do the right thing. If you aren’t sure of the approach way to format your essay, read this article to understand more concepts.

Tips on writing different formats for essays

Before researching and crafting your essay, always ensure you are conversant with the specified requirements. Different teachers and different institutes give different guidelines to follow. The following tips will enable you to write your essay by following the required format:

1. Talk to your professor about the appropriate essay format

If you aren’t sure of the exact format that matches your teacher’s or institute’s need, don’t risk following the one you know. Feel free to consult with your teacher before figuring out the research procedure.

2. Read a general article on how to format essay

When you don’t know the approved essay formats, make it a habit to always read different articles exploring ideas on formatting essays. You can find reliable materials from reliable resources such as libraries and online platforms. As you read, always note down significant points of interest about formatting the essays.

3. Discuss with fellow students how to properly format an essay

A group discussion in a school is crucial for improving the overall understanding of academic concepts. Since different students have different levels of understanding essay papers, it becomes quite easy to exchange ideas and come up with a constructive conclusion on the measures to take when formatting essays.

4. Know the layout of an essay

One crucial aspect of essay writing is the layout. You cannot format the essay without a proper understanding of the layout. The main parts of the essay include a topic, an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Each section has the basics required to put in place to ensure the whole paper makes sense and flows systematically.

5. Know the APA structure essay

As mentioned earlier, your proffer can ask you to format your paper by following the APA style. It can be a discouraging task, especially if you have no clue what APA formatting is. As you read through different essay examples to get the best essay ideas, remember to check essays formatted using the APA style.

6. Again, know the MLA essay format

Apart from APA, essays are formatted using the MLA style as well. What if your institute or your teacher requires you to use the MLA style? As a student, always know how to differentiate the different styles and apply them to your essay.

Note: If you miss the stated formatting style in the requirement list, you will likely lose many marks. As your professor checks your final paper, they also allocate marks for following instructions.

7. Read a proper format for an essay example

If you do online research, you will get plenty of ideas on formatting an essay. However, to some extent, some of the materials you read online aren’t accurate. So, always ensure you get the concepts from reliable sources. Otherwise, you would mess up everything.

8. Practice formatting essays

Finally, this tip will help you sharpen your essay formatting skills. As you constantly practice formatting techniques, consider all the approved formatting styles since you can’t determine which one the tutor will ask you to follow. So, be always equipped for whatever will come your way.


Crafting essays is among the significant assignments all students should accomplish. However technical and complex students may perceive it to be, they cannot evade the idea since the marks generated from the essay contributes to the final performance of the student. Therefore, never lose any marks due to the wrong formatting of an essay by using the above tips.