Practical Advice on How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Every student dream of studying up to higher levels for a brighter future. However, every student must be ready to write different academic essays throughout the academic years before graduating from one level to the next. However, before you face such papers, you need to know the different types of essays you need to write about and the approaches you should take to ensure your paper is delivered as required. That is why this article features the best advice for students to follow when writing a descriptive essay. Use the following advice whenever writing a descriptive essay to ensure you stay on the right track:

1. Know what a descriptive essay is

Before you start researching ideas and concepts in your descriptive essay, have a clear understanding of what such an essay involves. For instance, in descriptive essays, you can get a topic asking you to describe an object, a person, an experience, a situation, an emotion, or anything else. This means before you start putting down your ideas, have a clear plan on how you will strategize your content to flow as required.

2. Understand the descriptive essay format

A format in any essay writing is essential. It shows the reader that you clearly understand essay writing elements. We have the intro part, the main body, and the conclusion in a descriptive essay. Each section has a laid-out plan to follow in coming up with a well-structured essay.

3. Get descriptive essay ideas from your tutor

As a student, always make your professor your number one friend when you are stuck with ideas to include in your descriptive essay. They have been in the industry for ages and have the best tips you can use to craft the best paper. Do not stress too much about accomplishing your essay when you have your teachers around.

4. Create a descriptive essay outline

An outline or a draft is a simple representation of what your final paper will look like. The outline includes ideas that you will transfer into the final paper. While writing an outline, remember to include points of reference; you will need to refer to a certain point for clarity. For instance, it can be a book title and a specific page number. This idea simplifies your overall writing process and enables you to save more time to focus on other activities.

5. Download a descriptive essay structure

You can consider downloading a well-structured descriptive essay as a point of reference. Then, as you practice writing descriptive essays, you will be using this structure to sharpen your skills in remembering basic concepts about writing descriptive essays.

6. Read through different descriptive essay topics

We have thousands of descriptive essay topics you can find in libraries and online platforms. Consider reading through such topics as you filter down the best topics that match your interests. Remember, when choosing a topic, you need something you can easily research while remaining a unique concept.

7. Watch a show on how to do a descriptive essay

Expert content creators have amazing shows touching the best concepts students should consider when writing descriptive essays. So, during your free and relaxed moments, consider watching such content as you get the best insights and unlock your potential towards crafting the best descriptive essays.

8. Get a narrative descriptive essay writing help

If you have several school assignments and have a tight schedule, it can be challenging to write the best narrative descriptive essay and deliver it on time. In such instances, get professional help from experts specializing in helping students with essay work. However, you should be ready to pay for such services, which means that you must ensure you get credible and professional help.


As a student, you can get a narrative, an argumentative, an expository, or a descriptive essay topic. All these topics have different approaches, but the structure remains the same. If you have been struggling with writing descriptive essays, use this guide as your starting point to ensure you stay on the required track.

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